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What is Hadestown?

A community theatre production that began in Vermont? Yes.  An immensely successful folk album?  Yes.  A smash hit musical on Broadway?  Yes.  Hadestown is all of those things yet much, much more.  Hadestown is an experience.  Just check the section named Fan Reactions to see what others are saying. 

Hadestown is a remarkably powerful love story that dives deep into the very existence of humanity and why humans continue to persevere and fight against all odds and obstacles.  Hadestown shows you how the world is, and how the world could be.

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Charles McNulty of the Los Angeles Times raves emphatically about Hadestown. He states that it is one of the best if not the best pieces of musical theatre and art he has seen in his 25 years of covering musicals. McNulty says Hadestown more than deserves the Tony Award for Best Musical.

Here is an excellent excerpt from PobDust.com and Eden Arielle Gordon:

“Despite its grandiose foundations, Hadestown is so game-changing because of how relevant it is to modern life, and how intimately it explores the deepest human experiences we share. Essentially, it’s a show about working, about greed and struggle, about love in the midst of hunger and poverty; and perhaps most of all, it’s a critique of capitalism. It’s a damnation of the American ethos of greed and unchecked consumption that lift up the super-wealthy while leaving the poor in the dust, an ethos that has generated the wastefulness that created the modern environmental crisis. This is what makes the show so radical, radical enough that it may be the start of a pronounced change on Broadway and in musical theatre on the whole.”

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Hadestown was indeed a Winner of 8 Tony Awards. It was the winner of Best Musical and several others. The musical simply transcends time and Broadway and makes such a connection with the audience and even folks that have only this far been able to listen to the music.

The release of the Original Broadway Cast Recording has only increased the level of excitement and desire to see the show.

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Hadestown has released the original Broadway cast recording (the OBCR) to an extremely positive reaction from the fans.

Hadestown Tour

Hadestown is heading out on tour in 2020 to show the world what its like to live down underneath. Check the Hadestown Tour page to see what cities near you will be hosting Hadestown. We will always have the latest updates on locations, schedules, dates, tickets, and cities for the Hadestown tour.


Reeve Carney Hadestown

Life History Of Reeve Carney

Born in the family which was already winning Oscars in the acting industry, Reeve Carney is the New York-based singer and performer who made his Broadway debut in, 2011, in Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark” as a character of Peter Parker.  In 2013, he hung up his Spidey suit and did the role in Penny Dreadful as Dorian Gray. Carney spent his time in blue clubs playing music with seniors, thus getting a greater music education. His hard work paid off, and he managed to join USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music only for a year.

Role In Hadestown

Guess what? Carney is performing in Hadestown on Broadway in the show as the Orpheus, a young dreamer. Purchase the Hadestown discount tickets to see yourself. Let’s take you around it. Hadestown is a re-imagined version, made much better by famous stars, of Greek myth story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Like the Orpheus who is considered the best musician and poet, Carney has some similarities with his character in real life too. Carney’s role in Hadestown, winner of a massive 8 Tony Awards, is obviously the absolute breakout moment of his burgeoning career.  Hadestown performs at the Walter Kerr Theatre in NYC

Anyhow, Hadestown soundtracks are considered an amalgamation of classic and tragic stories. Like in this latest one, Carney as Orpheus is going to lose his love Eurydice and will make a journey to the underworld known as Hades. He will be given his love but with a condition of never to misbelieve about the presence of Eurydice, awarded by Hades. His music is what the reasons for her coming back becomes. He is awarded her freedom from the underworld because of his one good act; being a musician.  The Hadestown Original Broadway Cast Recording is a smash hit.

Carney’s involvement in the sensational track “Wait For Me” no doubt contributed to the rise of the #waitformechallenge.  This is where fans from anywhere perform their own rendition of “Wait For Me” and share it via Twitter, Instagram, Snapshat, Facebook, etc.  Hadestown fan reactions on social media and elsewhere in general are very passionate and enthusiastic. 

The themes of Hadestown soundtracks are contemporary and classic too. In the first sense, they tell the terrific story of climate change and make a similarity of our contemporary world with the life at Hades and in the second sense, it is a great Greek myth. It is symbolic relativity of modern-day human to the stories of Greek gods Hades and Persephone who were considered as the guardians of summer and winter but forgotten to ease the earth. Well, Hadestown brings you the best opportunity to quench your sole’s thirst which after reading much really wants to see how all this happened. Grab the Hadestown discount tickets now and attend the latest Hadestown soundtrack to reward your soul a great time.

Other Broadway Shows

Broadway theatre refers to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theatres.  Broadway shows are synonymous with the city of New York. The word Broadway is often used as a shorthand for theatre. Each year millions of people like you gather in the city of New York to see the Famous shows like Hadestown soundtracks. From The Lion King to the recent shows like Hamilton, Broadway has not limited itself but manifested the horizon less world to your like people.  There are tons of incredible shows such as The Book Or Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen, and Come From Away in the musical genre accordingly.  It showed some winners of Tony Awards but did not limit itself with the famous ones only. There exists a complete list. Beautiful—The Carole King Musical open till 27th October of this year, Beetlejuice showing now. Grab the discounted tickets of Be More Chill which is about to end on 11 August.

Andre De Shields

Andre De Shields is a famous American actor, director, singer, and choreographer, born January 12, 1946, in Baltimore, Maryland. Good news is he’s now performing on Broadway, playing the amazing role of Hermes in the musical Hadestown. Andre De Shields has received his award: Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in Musical for Hadestown on his third nomination.

Role In Hadestown The Broadway Musical

Andre De Shields has played Hermes, the shape-shifting god of rhetoric in the Hadestown. He’s the escort of the young lovers, Eurydice and Orpheus, on their journey to the Underworld, and the narrator-guide to the audience. As a kind of griot, Andre De Shields described him, infused with the world’s history. However, Andre gets the very first and the last lines in the iconic show, and in his most stylish and modestly winged silver suit, he never leaves the stage.

During his inspiring 50 golden years of career, Andre De Shield has amazingly distinguished himself as a versatile actor, educator, and director. He has spasmodically portrayed Hermes in Hadestown since 2012, before joining hands with production permanently for the critically acclaimed at London’s National Theatre.

Acting Career

He started his career in 1969 at Chicago’s Shubert Theatre, The American Tribal-Love Rock Musical. In 1971, he began performing in Wrap by joining hands with The Organic Theater Company. Similarly, successfully moving forward in his career life, he started his career as a choreographer. He did choreography for Saturday Night Live and Sesame Street.

Additionally, he also performed in many televised productions like The Music Lives on in 1984. That’s not it! He continues his hard work while holding professorships at Sothern Methodist University, and New York University.

Other Broadway Roles

Andre De Shields has performed a lot of incredible and memorable characters during his 50 years of career. He has played Hermes role in Hadestown 2019, as a host in The 23rd Annual Easter Bonnet Competition – 2009, as CHIAMBUANE 2009, as Graham in PRYMATE 2004, with “Graham’s Boogie” Choreography. In 2000, he performed as Noah “Horse” T. Simmons in the Full Monty, and as Jester in Play On! In 1197.

Awards He Has Won

While talking about his awards, then this wonderful theatre player at the age of 73 won the Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical for Hermes role. In 2018, he won Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award. Andre won the Jeff Award for actor in a supporting role in 2014—musical. In 2004, he won AUDELCO Recognition Award as a leading actor for the production Dream on Monkey Mountain. So we can say he has maintained a remarkably successful career life.

Nevertheless, it’d be worth-seeing to see his live performance and cheer this old talented actor. He has performed a bundle of incredible roles in various shows.

Rachel Chavkin – Director

Rachel Chavkin is the director of Hadestown. She is very passionate and vocal about diversity in performing arts and on Broadway.