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What is Hadestown?

A community theatre production that began in Vermont? Yes.  An immensely successful folk album?  Yes.  A smash hit musical on Broadway?  Yes.  Hadestown is all of those things yet much, much more.  Hadestown is an experience.  Just check the section named Fan Reactions to see what others are saying. 

Hadestown is a remarkably powerful love story that dives deep into the very existence of humanity and why humans continue to persevere and fight against all odds and obstacles.  Hadestown shows you how the world is, and how the world could be.

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Here is an excellent excerpt from PobDust.com and Eden Arielle Gordon:

“Despite its grandiose foundations, Hadestown is so game-changing because of how relevant it is to modern life, and how intimately it explores the deepest human experiences we share. Essentially, it’s a show about working, about greed and struggle, about love in the midst of hunger and poverty; and perhaps most of all, it’s a critique of capitalism. It’s a damnation of the American ethos of greed and unchecked consumption that lift up the super-wealthy while leaving the poor in the dust, an ethos that has generated the wastefulness that created the modern environmental crisis. This is what makes the show so radical, radical enough that it may be the start of a pronounced change on Broadway and in musical theatre on the whole.”

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